Tuesday 10 April 2012

Paul Hicks designed Poles

Hi guys, I have just received an order of Poles from Roger Murrow of the Blog RTB AT LARGE
you can order them by contacting Roger at roger.murrow@mmc2100.co.uk or visiting his blog at http://rtbatlarge.blogspot.com.au/2012/03/paul-hicks-designed-poles.html Roger is located in the UK and accepts PayPal.

I have no connection to Roger, and paid full price for my figures.

The packs in the range are 3.25 for 3 and 6.50 for 6 (U.K pounds)
Command x 6 all different
Grenadiers x 3 all different
Skirmishers x 3 all different
Voltiguers x 3 all different
Fusiliers x 6 all different
sapeur and bareheaded fusilier
Mounted officers x 2 different

Poses - all figures, except the 3 skirmishers are in marching poses, the 3 skirmishers are, standing firing, kneeling and advancing with musket at 45 degrees, all the poses look natural.

Size and proportions - the last 2 photos are comparison shots with a Front rank Spanish Grenadier, Wurttemberg Grenadier, and a Perry plastic dragoon, they are slightly smaller then the Front rank and Perry figures, their proportions look realistic and correct, the proportions are closer to Perry's then Front rank.

Accuracy - I am no expert on Napoleonic Polish uniforms, however they seem to be accurate.

Service - I did not receive my full order of 26 figures, my order was missing 6 Fusiliers, having said that, Roger is very easy to deal with, he has always answered my emails in a timely fashion and in fact I received a reply regarding the missing figs within 30 min, and he has promised to send the figures along, the order arrived in quite a fast time, around 8 days from the UK, the figs came lose wrapped in bubble wrap, and only one figure had a broken bayonet, I am happy with the service so far.

My verdict - I like these figures, they are only slightly smaller then Perry and Front rank, and I would have no hesitation in mixing them in the same army, the poses and proportions look natural, and I would say they are exactly to my liking, (I like Front rank figs, but find them slightly to chunky) the detail is nice, and they seem accurate to me, their faces are characterful and full of expression, they look like they are marching into battle under fire, my only issue is the eyes, they are a little to hollow, I like to paint eyes on my 28mm figs and I think I will struggle with these, it will not be an issue for those who don't paint eyes.

My score - 9/10

To add to this post, Roger has replaced figure with the broken bayonet and also sent replacements for the missing figures, he is a stand up bloke.




Sapeur and bare head


  1. They are rather gorgeous, aren't they? I've seen them on Doc Smith's blog, too. I'll be watching your progress keenly!

  2. ooooh must resist, they are lovely though aren't they!


  3. Just received my order of them yesterday too. As you say, very nice sculpts that will fit in well with my planned Perry French collection.

    Also, great service from Roger too. I went for the courier option for shipping my figs and they arrived to the US in just a few days.


  4. THX for the review. Plan to buy some of these once my finances get better.

    In know have had the same issue with the eyes on many of Paul Hicks other sculpts... a bit recessed and hard to paint, but I always felt the qualitiy of the rest of the miniatures made up for that.



  5. Beautiful figures when and where can you purchase them from

  6. They are very nice figures. I´m painting some of them now, and expect to buy more soon! I think they are compatible without problem with Foundry´s.

  7. Great looking figures!
    With regards to the eyes you could try filling them out with liquid green stuff, should work a treat