Friday, 21 March 2014

Review of 28mm plastic Apoc Survivors

Hi guys, I am building a group of Zompocalypse survivors for a friend, and he has sent me some Zombiecide and Wargames factory plastic figs, the WF figs come in male and female 30 figure multi part sets, Zombiecide is a boardgame style set with a range of single piece survivors and Zombies as well as cardboaud terrain and a rules set.
Firstly I love the concept of multi part plastic figure kits, great examples are Victrix and Perry Napoleonic plastic figures, they allow you to build a large variety of figure poses cheaply, and allow for some great conversions by swapping parts from different sets, but I am not a fan of the Wargames Factory Apocalypse survivors : The men.
It seems to me that the figures in WF set are pre determined poses, it is actually hard to get a range of poses by using different arms, each set is clearly designed for a specific body, you do however have a range of heads and weapons to use, so could get a variety of figures from a couple of packs, however, we have to look at what we are trying to achieve with this pack, Zombie games generally have hordes of Zombies, but only small groups of survivors, so the ability to make a large range of slightly different poses IMHO does not outweigh the loss of detail/heft you get in metal figure, so whilst these aren't horrible figures, when I make my own survivor group I will use some of the really nice metal figures from the likes of Hasselfree, Copplestone etc.
On the other hand the Zombiecide plastic single cast figures are brilliant, they are a hardish plastic, similar to the new Italeri 1/72 plastic figs, probably not glue able, but should hold paint well and not bend much, the detail and style of the figures is excellent, and they tick all the boxes for survivors, with extra equipment and lots of character, I was only sent 1 each of the survivors so can't comment on the Zombie figures or the rest of the game, but highly recommend the survivors.
The Zombicide figures are a little larger than the WF figs, but it wouldn't stop me using them together.
I have tried to make some Characters from Shawn of the dead and the walking dead using the WF set, they are not completed yet, the Zombiecide figs are multi coloured and the grey figs are WF, all C&C welcome.

This is a comparison shot, Zombiecide of the left WF on the right

Shaun and Ed

Shaun and Ed back

Random Survivors

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  1. All else aside, both types have good detail levels... and that's still not something you can take for granted in plastic figures, because not everyone can pony up for the clever molds required to avoid "blobby side syndrome". As for multi-part models, this isn't necessarily done to allow mix and match characters, it also helps avoid some shortcomings of injection molding.

    Anyway, nice post, very helpful :)