Friday 16 August 2019

2nd Mech WIP

Hi guys

My 2nd 15mm Mech WIP, I don't like the design of this Mech, so will be heavily converting it, it will become an Atlas like assault Mech, its an impressive 110mm, these are the changes I will make
1) Cut down the horn like shapes on the shoulder to the same height as the head and make them into missile pods.
2) get rid of the turret in the body, and fill in the space.
3) move the head forward to the centre of the body.
4) drop the shoulder balls to level with or lower than the head.
5) shorten the arms to avoid a gorilla knuckle dragging look.
6) Not sure here, either have 2 fists and a waist or chest mounted gun, or replace 1 of the fists with a gun, what do you think?
7) add dust covers to all the joints
8) add knee armour and various details.

I wont be painting them until I have at least a lance worth.