Sunday, 5 February 2023

Spray painting the base coat

 Hi guys 

Started the painting process for this batch of vehicles, the dark yellow vehicles are for German use, the green for Hungarian, I’ve used several different Humbrols for the dark yellow, no. 83, 94, and 225, the Hungarians got a coat of a mix of 149 and 101, it’s a bit darker than I want at the moment, but I’ll be lightening it a little later, it’s very hot here in Queensland Australia, and my airbrush kept clogging, so gave up on doing the camo, I’m not great with an airbrush, and find applying camo a chore, but I have several other options for adding camo, brush painting, pastel pencils or chalk, will go away and think on how I want to proceed. The Hungarians will be getting red brown and light ochre camo added, the Germans will have a mix of red brown and green camo in various patterns.  

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