Tuesday 7 February 2023

WIP Ambo and MC recon unit

 Hi guys 

These are not finished, I still need to paint some details on the stretcher team, some insignia on the medics and casualties, I also need to make crew for the Pz I ATG and SPG.

The 2 Pz I variants and MC recon troops will go to my France to Stalingrad early/mid war Germans. 

The eagle eyed would notice the Ambo is a Luftwaffe vehicle, hence the field blue uniforms, this vehicle is going to go to my Luftwaffe field division force, I’ve also made the SS stretcher team which will go to my KG Danl force, I actually have a few other ambulances to make, every force I’m doing will end up with and ambo and casualty set. 

The MC recon force will end up with dismounted troops, and some supporting elements, HMG and mortar teams. 

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