Saturday 3 December 2022

Tutorial : German Sidecar MCs in greatcoats part 1

 Hi guys 

Here’s my attempt to give those who lack green stuff sculpting skills some ideas to do their own MC crews using parts of plastic figures. 

First you will need the required amount of Italeri MC bikes, in this case 7 combos, each pack has 2, so 4 packs. Then you’ll need the required number of greatcoated donors, in this case 21 crew, however I am using ABs seated greatcoat troops for all the sidecar passengers, you could also convert plastic figures for this, so I need 14 plastic greatcoated torso, I scrounged my plastic stash and found the required Russian and German figures, these came from Italeri winter Germans, Winter Russians, and Pegasus Russians in greatcoats, it doesn’t matter the nationality as long as they are in a double breasted greatcoat.

Next I cut the figures into parts, heads, torsos, and the riders legs, and equipment, I have left the arms in place where possible, to give me the most options, as I build the figures I can remove any excess arms, metal figures could also be used for converting these riders, however plastic is much easier to carve, I will keep the greatcoat lower bodies, you never know when you’ll need some greatcoated legs. 

The next stage is constructing the figures, I use a pin vice drill, paperclip wire and superglue to attach the parts, that’s it for part 1.  

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