Friday 3 September 2010

Richard Sharpe and his men finished.

Hi guys, Sharpe and his men are finished, I will probably add a few more figures to the unit later, the rest of the Peninsular British army will be based around the Sharpe books and series, all comments welcome.
Group shots.

Sharpe and Harper.

Cooper and Perkins.

Hagmen and Harris.

Norris and Bronson.


  1. Wonderful job on these figures. I was quite surprised to find them based two-to-a-stand. They're such distinctive personalities that I'd assumed they'd be used for skirmish games. Regardless, they're fantastic.

  2. Excellent work - I agree with the previous comment about the basing. Very nice, but was expecting single-basing. Regards, Dean

  3. You're in my blog list mate!

    Great work! Your painting skills bring out the details, in such a nice way!!!



  4. Very, very nice, I really like how the brown came out on the trousers

  5. Hi guys, your comments are appreciated, however I now look at this unit and start thinking to myself that you are correct, I should have based these separately, maybe I should remove them from the bases, I will sleep on it.

  6. Fantastic work They are bloody good

  7. Nicely done. I love the look of these figures - all tatty and worn.