Monday, 26 April 2021

Teddy bear fur terrain tiles Part 4

 Hi guys

More work on the teddy bear terrain tiles with 4 new tiles from a sandy coloured fur I received recently, I could have heavily painted them green to match the other tiles, but thought I would let the sand colour show to provide some difference, each square is 1 foot/30cm, the tank is a 1/72  Sherman for scale, I have been working on the scatter terrain, starting with some train tracks, need to paint the ballast on these, and get some bends to add to the set.

I also added a pic of my recent kit purchases, lots of Russian summer and winter infantry, and some vehicles for my Barbarossa/Stalingrad projects and a Panther D for Kursk, and some figures for my BEF project.

And lastly a pic of my current builds, I like to spray paint in batches, so will build double this amount then break out the airbrush.