Sunday, 16 May 2021

WIP Laffly S45 recovery vehicle WIP part 3

 Hi guys 

Have started detailing the Laffly S45 recovery vehicle, I wanted to replace the thick bed walls, but whilst these models are pretty solid and sturdy, the resin is prone to shatter, and I'm worried I'll damage the truck if I try to cut them out, so I'm going to get creative with my painting to make them less noticeable, also there is a fault in the vehicle deign, the creator has made the bed floor 1 even shallow level, it should have a bench seat down either side and a foot well down the middle, so I have partitioned the foot well off with 2 plastic strips, cut a 44 gallon drum in half and positioned them in the foot well area to look like there is depth. I've also scratch built a crane, replaced the ugly windscreen with a folded down one, and added some crew, I considered doing some work on the spade at the back, but might leave it due to time, these are wargaming standard after all, not display.

The S15 got a new windscreen frame from the spares box, and the v15 got a fold down windscreen, the thick crappy windscreens are a weak point with these prints.

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