Wednesday 3 October 2012

WIP 15mm Wurtemberg Garde light infantry

Hi guys, the next unit in Scott's birthday gift will be Wurtemberg Garde light infantry, a fairly simple conversion, just add epaulettes, sounds simple, but 33 pairs later..., these guys will get their undercoat tonight.


  1. That's a lot of work. I bet you were ready when you got to the last set!


  2. Bloody hell how much time do yet get, 15mm Space marines, 20mm WW2 the previous bunch of Napoleonic figures. Wow your output is amazing. I would of lost patience after the first 5 lol. Look forward to seeing them all painted up

  3. As Brummie said Dan, your output is simply amazing!
    Nice little personal touch. I like the epaulettes very much.

  4. Thanks guys, when I'm in the hobby mood I usually do 2 hours a night, plus my week ends are Friday and Saturday, I am home alone on Friday and generally get 4-6 hours in then.