Friday 2 February 2024

Work bench progress

 Hi guys 

Got some work done on this lot, not finished yet though, the Sdkfz 254 is a lovely model, the file is 1/56 but shrinks down to 1/72 with no issues, I have no affiliation with this sculptor and paid full price, but it’s worthy of a shout out, the file can be found here Sdkfz 254 , the Kfz 1 is also a nice model, the basic Kfz 1 can be found here Kfz 1 unfortunately the variants, Kfz 2 radio car and 4 AA car were my own conversion and the files are not available. The Kfz 15 file was available on thingyverse and cults but seems to have disappeared, I did some improvements to that file, and also made a Kfz 15 radio car version. The MB L 4500 trucks are my own and will be released one day soon when I find some time. 

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