Friday 23 February 2024

21st Pz Div Unic P107s and Pak 38s

 Hi guys

Have put these 3 Unic P107 gun tractors and Pak 38s together for my 21st Pz Div project, the towed AT guns in the AT units were Pak 43/41s, but various regimental HQs had Pak 38s attached, I probably only need 2 of these, but I have the models to do 3, so I’ll do 3. The only improvement I did on the P107s was replace the door handles, remove the unconvincing shovels and at a folded down windscreen, stowage, and crew. The Pak 38s are my own design, I have these 3 in the towed position spare, I’ll print a couple of deployed 38s as well. I’ll need some more P107s to tow the Pak 43/41s but I’ll improve the file a little before printing. 

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