Thursday 22 March 2012

Call signs Bamboo spear, Wizard and Shogun

Hi guys, here are the last of the mechs, the next post will be a group photo of the whole group 100% finished.
Wizard is the battalion engineer mech, he has had servo arms added and his body stretched, no nose art for him yet, still undecided about the design.
Bamboo spear has suffered some battle damage, and has also had a body stretch.
Shogun is the battalion commanders mech, the only change I made was to add the armour to the calf area using another set of legs, otherwise the legs were to thin, I'm not sure I like his chest rising sun, thinking of re doing it without the grey.
I'm in the middle of converting some mechaniod bots with back banners as infantry.
After all this hard work I'm thinking of selling this force, and others, as I'm now severally running out of room, if I don't sell them they will end up boxed away, and I think they deserve to stride across a table.


  1. I've really enjoyed all these minis so far.

  2. Your robots are great, Dan. The battle damage is an eye catcher!

  3. My word, I think these are getting better and better. Excellent work Sir!

  4. Looking real good! Especially like the recovery mech!



  5. Excellent work(as always)Dan!