Friday 26 August 2016

15mm Sharp practice project

Hi guys

Been thinking for a while about a Napoleonic project, as I really enjoy the period, I don't get to play enough to be called a gamer, so just consider myself a enthusiast, with that in mind and the fact I would like to paint a wide variety of different units, but don't want many armies with hundreds of figures each I have decided to do Sharpes practice with individually mounted figures.
Why not just do little dios, or individual figures you ask, to be honest, I don't know, I have always just loves painting armies as apposed to individual figures and dios.
I have both 28 and 15mm figs to choose from but 15mm will keep the project small, and I'm good at this scale, whilst giving me enough work and challenge to be fun, I also have loads of figures to use, and they are cheap to buy more that I don't have.
I really like the Peninsular war so will start there, but I have a shed load of Bavarians so will soon branch out as they did not serve in Spain.
To kick off the project I will start with my favourite unit, the 95th rifles, and as I'm a fan of Richard Sharpe I will concentrate on his band of misfits, a pretty big order making them recognisable at this scale, but that's a challenge I love.
So here is my Shape and Sergeant Harper characters, Sharpe looks about right, the barrel of Harpers Nock gun is way to thick, but it was the thinnest plastic rod I have, looks like he's off to kill predators in the south American jungle :) should I remove his hat and try to create that balding afro he has going? it may added to building his character.


  1. FYI, Black hat do Sharpe and Harper...

  2. Thanks, but half the fun is making him myself.