Friday, 19 July 2019

WIP Schwimmwagen vignette 2

Hi guys

I was going to do 1 each of a schwimmwagen, Kettenkrad and and kubel as my recon makers for chain of command, but I found this old schwimmwagen in my stash, built 17 years ago, its the Hase kit, I dont like the base coat, to desert yellow in colour, so will re paint it to match this new one, I will buy a third and have a set of 3 as recon makers.
I will be brush painting these, I don't have a dedicated airbrush set up and it takes to much effort to set everything up for 2 kits (that's why I spray paint in batches) I will apply the camo using pastel chalks.
Need to crack on with these only a few days of the challenge to go.

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