Friday, 10 July 2020

1/72 Wurttemberg project

Hi guys

I have a pretty large stash, enough to do projects in most eras/genres in at least 3 scales, in Napoleonics I have beautiful 18mm ABs and just as nice 28mm Perry's, but I keep getting drawn back to 1/72 plastics,not because the available figures are great, though some are, but because of the potential to make them look really nice, and their ease of conversion and cost. My usual 1/72 projects are WWII based, but I thought I would starts some 1/72 Nap projects, I'm a modeller not a gamer, so small skirmish type forces are perfect for this and will be organised around Sharpe practice forces, I'm starting with Wurttemberg, I have painted several armies for customers, but never one for myself and I had these infantry in my stash already, I've ordered artillery and cavalry to round out this force, after Wurts I will do Bavaria. Might try and improve the swords, can you see anywhere else I need to do work on?

Sunday, 10 May 2020

Review of Eureka Miniatures 28mm Conquistadors

Hi guys

Haven't done a review for a while, but these figs are so nice I thought others would like to see them if they don't already know about them, they are not new, but the first time I have bought them, I paid full price for these figs and was not asked to review them.
I actually bought these for a Conquistador based fantasy war band/adventurer team, for settings like Mordheim and Frostgrave, so I will be converting them a little to fit.
They are available from Eureka Miniatures
Historical accuracy : Being a commission painter I have a pretty good all round knowledge, and have very good knowledge in some periods, unfortunately the renascence is not my best period, I would have to do a study to give an accurate review in this area, all I can say is that they look right to me, accuracy will not be a problem for me as they will be used in a fantasy setting.
Proportions : I have pictured them alongside an old GW knight, a Perry plastic knight, and a newer GW plastic Imperial figure, they fit well with them all, they are sized somewhere between the Perry and newer GW fig, not quite as hefty as the GW fig though, but I would have no problem mixing them with any of these makes, anatomically they look correct to me, nice limb proportions, nothing looks out of place.
Sculpting : these are really nice, I'm quite impressed, very natural looking, nice delicate details, when I finish my current project, I'm looking forward to getting into these.
Poses : All nice and natural, nothing over the top, if you were going to do muti basing they look like they would rank up nicely, and theres enough "action" for individuality.
Equipment : everything is in proportion, no over the top GW weapons here, I asked for all helmeted figures in my order, which Nic at Eureka as usual, filled my order as directed, there are figures with soft caps/hats available in the range, and different weapons, also mounted figs (which I didnt need for this project) plenty of poses to, lots of variety, theres also a nice range of Portuguese figures, they are very similar, but a little less flamboyant, a little more scruffy, nice though. The dogs and handler are a nice addition to my band to, like those.
Customer service : Everything arrived safe and as I asked for, (postage was within country) Eureka Miniatures are great, I have never had an issue with them, price is pretty good to.
Almost forgot, I ordered a female empire looking figure as well from laughing Monk miniatures sold by Eureka Miniatures, found Here its advertised as 32mm which seems about right, (bottom pic) looks like it would fit in well with GW, is a pretty nice fig, it cost double that of the Eureka ones, but a quarter that of a GW character figure and just as nice I feel, nice natural pose, nicely sculpted, I will pic up a couple more of these Laughing monk figs as characters.


Sunday, 19 April 2020

Witch hunters re paint

Hi guys

These are not finished yet, (need to finish a few details, do some more weathering to the bases, add some highlights to the belts/pouches) but I took some of the advice offered regarding my last post, and changed the teal colour to a dark red, and lightened the bases a bit, I think they look much better, what do we think?

Sunday, 12 April 2020

Need some advice

Hi guys


I'm always looking to improve, I have some questions re these figures, they are not 100% finished, theres some small details I need to complete, but looking for overall advise on how I can make them look better, how to go to the next level, this is my style, are some styles better than others? do some styles have a better upper limit? will I need to change styles to improve or can I get better at this style?
1) How do I improve these figs? Go to the next level?
2) is the colour pallet OK? I love teal, but does it work here, teal and black?
3) anything overall that I could do to improve?
4) specifically the faces, any suggestions to improve?
5) how would you rate them out of 10?
6) do they work as a warband? are they to similar/uniform for the subject matter?