Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Guess who?

Hi guys, putting my Scifi projects on hold to do some fantasy, I have a massive order in with Splintered Light, they haven't arrived yet and I am eager to start, so I am working on the Hobbits, Gimli and Boromir, in my 15mm lord of the rings project, I have a lot of putty work to go on these guys, none of the hobbits have left arms yet, they are converted SL Halflings, I have to cut their shields off, and will sculpt new arms, and Boromir needs his tabard sculpted, will probably just re paint Gimili, thoughts?

Update on Tua walker and Crisis suit.

Hi guys, just an update on my Tau Titan and 1 of the crisis suits, they are about 70% done, have added a space marine for size comparison, pretty happy with how they are turning out, need more washes though, the titan has about the same footprint as a regular SM dred, thoughts?

15mm Sisters Canoness finished.

Hi guys, SOB Canoness finished, I think she came out nice, all C&C welcome.

Monday, 21 July 2014

15mm Inquisitor gang finished

Hi guys, have finished this gang, not to sure about the skin tone, wanted a cold, futuristic look, but maybe too blue? what do you think? happy with the rest of the painting though, most of the figs are various Khurasan ranges,