Thursday, 7 July 2016

20mm German late war WWII platoon

Hi guys

Have put this platoon plus sized force of late war Germans together for a customer out of my stash, they are a bit of a mix of AB, TQD, CP, PSC and some other plastics, there are 3 x 10 man sections, a 5 man HMG, a mortar team, a couple of sniper, and panzershrek teams, an FO team and a mix of HQ types, pretty happy with how they turned out, if you are interested in something similar, let me know, all comments welcome.

Monday, 27 June 2016

15mm Wurttembergers

Hi guys

A largish sized Wurttemberg army finished on commission, I've painted a few Wurttemberg armies now, have to do one for myself one day, sorry for the crappy pics (all my customers say my figures are better in person than as pictures) I'm a lousy photographer and my camera is pretty crappy, anyway, I'm available for work at the email below.