Tuesday, 29 September 2015

28mm Frostgrave figures

Hi Guys

Some Frostgrave figures finished on commission, These are the first Frostgrave figs I have painted, they are nice enough, no issues with any of them, I like the knight and the mages the best of the lot, lots of character, need to pick up some of the plastics for my Game of thrones SAGA project.

Sunday, 27 September 2015

20mm Romanians for Chain of command

Hi guys

My mate Scott (Trailape of Trailapes wargame ) have decided to play regular games of Chain of command, even though I already have a couple of 20mm WWII project started I have decided to start another and am determined to actually finish this one in a timely manner, I could have made any of the usual suspects for this period but when I was going through my stash a box of Hat Romanians caught my eye, I wanted to expand the available poses so decided to convert some WWI German Jagers to fill the ranks, with head swaps they will be close enough, I added some of the Jäger packs to the Romanians to add more variety and blend the 2 lots together, also added blacked rolls to the Jägers. I finished the group off with 4jump off points.

Cactusgamesminis 15mm sci fi dwarves

Hi guys

I have recently finished painting these sci fi dwarves for cactusgamesminis, they are available from the link below, these are some really nice minis, they are the perfect size for sci fi Dwarves, I should have taken some comparison pics but have posted the figs back to John, the sculpting is nice, with detailed equipment, They are available in packs of 10 for the infantry and 6 for the power armour.

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Napoleonic and Sudan Blackwatch

Hi guys

Finished a couple of Blackwatch units on commission, on was the standard Napoleonic affair, the other was new to me though, Blackwatch in the Sudan, these are excellent Perry figure, and painted up nicely, all comments welcome.