Friday, 10 March 2017

WWII Winter 1/72nd US finished

Hi guys

Winter US finished on commission, most of the greatcoat figs are TQD metals, lovely, but large, the plastics are all converted, and are a mix of a couple of Italeri sets (winter and summer uniforms) PSC US heavy weapons and some PSC Russian anti tank gunners, I think this force turned out nice and will ask the owner to post some pics of this force once based. All comments welcome.

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

15mm Catalan infantry and hussars

Hi guys

Some 15mm Eureka miniatures WSS figures finished on commission, not sure what unit the Hussars are but the infantry are Catalan infantry, they are pretty nice figures, all comments welcome.

28mm Saxon light Cav

Hi guys

Painted these Saxon light cav for a friend, not sure what the original figures were, maybe early French chasseurs? they had their plumes on the left side of the shako which I relocated to the front, the uniform cut and saddlery are not correct, but close enough for my friend, all comments welcome.

Saturday, 4 March 2017

28mm Sharpe and 95th rifles

Hi guys

I reason I take pics of my commissions/projects is to find faults/omissions, I have noticed I missed the canteen and powder flask straps on these guys, so will finish them shortly, but apart from that, this commission is finished, these are all the 95th rifles collection by Brigade Games including Sharpe and friends, they are all amazing sculpts, I thought they were a little thinned legged when next to Perry 95th, but when done on their own I think they are excellent, I really love that Harper figure.
All comments welcome.