Thursday, 2 April 2020

Mix 28mm Fantasy batch

Hi guys

A Fantasy commission complete, I don't get many fantasy commissions, doing mostly historicals, its good for a change occasionally, these are a mix of manufacturers, some are resin and plastic GW figures, I really dislike GW resin figures, they seem very fragile to me, the Elven cav in particular are terrible, nice detail though, I do like the plastic beastmen though, will need to get some of those for myself.

Wednesday, 25 March 2020

WIP Dwarven army and adventurers Part 2

Hi guys

Some more work done on my Dwarven army and a group of adventure Dwarves, most are Oathmark, used some converted Warlord games Vikings to make most of the archers, I have some GW Dwarves I can add to the force by lengthening their legs, or I can keep using the WG Vikings, which blend in really nice, I will play around with the GW Dwarves and see what I can do, these are ready to base, square or round? I will leave the adventure Dwarves at this height, they are a lot shorter than the Oathmarks but they have their own charm, the humans are for scale comparison.