Friday, 28 August 2009

My other hobby: Martial Arts.

Hi guys, This is my other hobby, Martial arts and combat sports, I watched Karate kid when I was 13 and wanted to do Karate and was disappointed when my mum took me to the local Tae Kwon Do class, but after doing the first class I realized it was very similar, When I was going for my lack belt at age 17, I wanted to train more than 2 classes a week in Tae Kwon Do, with youthful confidence and the idea that Tae Kwon Do was the best Martial art in the world, I went to a Zen Do Kai Karate class, after embarrassingly picking myself of the floor 5 or 6 times during sparing (Tae Kwon Do did not do leg kicks and sweeps during sparring) I had a revelation that Tae Kwon Do was in fact not the best Martial Art in the world and was in fact quite flawed, I stuck around long enough to get my black belt, but then started training in other styles, moving from dojo to dojo like a Martial arts slut, taking in the good and dropping the bad, I earned a Black Belt in Karate, and a red belt in Hapkido, I eventually settle in Mauy Thai Kick boxing, I had probably a dozen Tae Kwon Do competitions under my belt (with varying results) but I knew I was onto the real deal when I stepped into the Kickboxing ring for the first time, after a record of 5-3 I started teach my own Martial Arts classes for 3 years, I then joined the Army and limited myself to training with Friends, after I left the Army I had a 4 year break from Martial arts, later discovering the ultimate form of martial arts in Mixed martial arts, and became a big fan of Pride fighting championships and the UFC, I new I had to start training again, unfortunately there was no MMA on the central coast that I could get to anyway, so me and some mates started teaching ourselves grappling and wrestling (we all had boxing/kickboxing and other stand up backgrounds) I joined a Karate school just to get the feel of training in a class again and started competing again in 2006, my record over the last couple of years is 4-0 in grappling comps (Brazilian Jujitsu rules), 3-0 in viadal (a Hungarian fighting style very similar to Russian Sambo) and 0-1 cage fighting, lost by arm bar (same rules as the UFC in a comp call X-egon) the never ending struggle to find quality training and training partners (my usual training partner tore his medial knee ligament) took its toll and it became easier to paint figure than train in a tough sport like MMA so I gave up, we come to the point of this post, after 14 months off training and gaining 15kg to 130Kg (I fight as a heavy weight and my fight weight is usually 115Kg) I have made a pact with my old training partners to all enter a Viadal comp mid November, with a view to having a full competing year next year, I am running out of quality years at 38 years of age. I will be posting some of my past tournaments until Nov, then will post how I go in the comp. This first post is my first grappling comp, I won 2 bouts to take out the heavy weight division.

Fighting for dominance

Gaining dominance with full mount.

I won this bout with a rear naked choke.

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