Sunday, 1 August 2010

Sharpe conversion using Perry plastics

Hi guys, I am a big fan of the Sharpe novels and one of my projects is an English Peninsular army, so naturally I wanted a set of Richard Sharpe and friends, so I decided to convert some Perry plastic Brits, whilst I a more a fan of the books then the TV series (I find the TV series too condensed and the stories changed to fit into the time frame of a show, everything is too scaled down) the TV series really sets how Sharpe and his friends look, some the obvious choice was to use the TV characters as my basis for the conversions.

This is a groups shot: Richard Sharpe, Patrick Harper, Francis Cooper, Daniel Hagman, Sgt Harris, Ben Perkins, Blow in one and Blow in 2

Richard Sharpe, used an officer figure for Sharpe, added the short coat tails, I chose the arms for the nonchalant look, some may have left him bare headed but I have deliberately left Harper bare headed and didn't want them both hat less, I removed the front detail of the torso and the cross belt (which was going the wrong way), and replaced the detail with braid and cross belt, opened his collar, and changed his pants to riding breaches. I may add a rifle but need to buy another Perry's box as I have run out.

Patrick Harper, the things that make Harper recognizable are his size (he was a big man) his boofy afro hairdo and his six barrel musket, so I made sure all these were portrayed, I left him hat less to accentuate his hair, the gun was made with plastic rod and a cut down musket stock, I added a spacer in his knees to add some height, his right hand is suffering from Games workshop elephantitis, so I may need to trim it down.

Blow in 1, I wanted to fill out the unit with a tough looking rifleman, and whats tougher then a Charles Bronson mo?
Sgt Harris, can't really see it but I have added Harris long curly red hair, not really happy with the pose, but he will do.
Francis Cooper

Blow in 2, whats tougher then a Charles Bronson mo? a Chuck Norris mo, that's what.
Daniel Hagman

And the baby faced Ben Perkins


  1. Very nice work I can't wait to see these painted.

  2. Very nice work, I will look forward to seeing them painted, I agree though about Harris, I do not like the unnatural pose. You have done such a good job on the others why not work a little more on this one.

    As an aside, I am just about finished a 24 figure South Essex battalion, with Perry figures. Maverick flags does a great linen flag so I could not resist.


  3. Great job,
    They really look like the guys from sharpes unit.

  4. Wow - super conversions. Great creativity with the new plastics. Dean

  5. Thanks guys, I have taken the advice and changed the Harris figure, they are now halfway painted, should have an update by Friday.