Tuesday, 27 September 2011

TMP 15mm SCIFI Board vehicle swap

Hi guys, my TMP 15mm scifi board vehicle swap package arrived today, Jeff sent me a beautiful VTOL in a very nice Urban camo scheme, and one of his own creations, a drone, created using a 3D printer.
The VTOL is superb, and when I find out where its from I will buy a couple more, for an armature creation, the drone is simply amazing, it is easily as good if not better then a lot of professionally created vehicles, the detail is simply stunning, and the cherry on top is, it is quite unique, not sure if it will ever be commercially available, if it were I would buy it.


  1. The VTOL, is a Saber class gunship from Rebel Minis.

  2. And if you need more drones, there are very similar ones available from GZG:


  3. Thanks for that guys, yes those drones are very similar, I'll keep that in mind.