Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Splintered light Mountain giant review

Hi guys, I have been procrastinating over the last few days about how I will tackle my 15mm Darth Vader, I want him to be a great figure, so it was a god send when my Splintered light package arrived to distract me, part of the package was a Mountain giant (number 2) (pictured with a Copplestone 15mm barbarian), this figure is awesome, he is 66mm to the top of the head, the detail is very nice (these pics don't do it justice) he will make a nice distraction from Vader for a while, the only fault is a flat spot on the left knee (see pic 5) this seems to be a casting flaw as the pic on SL website has detail here (I might just fill in the detail with green stuff, but I will email SL so they know there is an issue) I also ordered some halflings and armored Fauns (no casting issues here) this was a test order to see what SL products are like, and I will happily order through them again, so this will be the start of a new 15mm fantasy skirmish project, casting issue aside I will give this figure a 8/10 he loses a point because I would have liked to see more detail putting him into scale with 15mm e.g. shields used as armor plates, a deer or halfing hanging from his belt etc, he loses another point for his pose, his stance makes him look skinny from the front and gives him a little flatness (2Dness).


  1. Nice review. The figure is ex-Hobby Products, and I was not too keen on it because of the odd flat pose, but from your pictures I can see it has potential. In a way, it looks like the giant is trying to sneak up on a victim to bash him over the head.

  2. Thanks for the review. I always wondered how good they would look alongside some 15mm figs. It looks pretty good. I also wish that it had some 15mm items, but I guess you can add them.

  3. He looks quite good from the side, but bizarrely thin from the front. I don't think I'll be getting one. Nice paint job though!