Monday, 23 April 2012

WIP 15mm SM part 2

Hi Guys, I have decided to go with the Blood Angels.
Step 3
Added  ear housing on helmet.
Step 4 
Added main body of the back pack tapered to a v shape, rolled a ball of GS over the top cylinder of the back pack and pocked the vent holes with a piece of wire.
Step 5 
Added the first part of the shoulder armour, the trim is yet to come.
Step 6 
filled in some space on the bolter.


  1. Nice conversion work, Sir!

  2. Great work! Seriously impressive.

  3. Outstanding! BTW,Thank you for going with the Blood Angels. Can't wait to see the finished conversion ;-)

  4. Looking good Dan, cant wait to see how he turns out!

  5. Hi guys, just so you know, I am only picturing the one figure, but am working on 21 figs at the same time to fill the standard Marines in 3 tactical squads, once done I will do 6 heavy weapons and 3 commanders.

  6. wow, impressive to see a realistic space marine in 15mm!