Sunday, 22 April 2012

WIP 15mm Space Marines

Hi guys, I plan on doing an ongoing tutorial on how to convert Khurasans Post Apoc power armour into Space marine armour, first a couple of pics of the unchanged figure, the first one is with a Khurasans Post Apoc warrior and Felid, then a rear view of the unchanged figure.
Step 1
remove the vertical pipe off the right hand side of the back pack, the fuel cell off the weapon and the end of the weapons barrel.
Step 2 
add a band of green stuff from one ear around the back to the other ear, for Mk IIV helmet, add a band from the back of the head to the top of the brow, for beaky helmets add a ball of putty to the mouth and shape to a beak, adding some vent slots on the side of the beak. 
I plan on making a force consisting of 3 x 10 man tactical squads the commanders will be sculpted from scratch, 1 x 5 man devastator squad with sculpted commander, 1 x 10 man Assault squad in jump packs, 1 x 10 man scout squad with shot guns, 1 x 5 man Terminator squad with lightening claws, 1 x 5 man terminator squad with bolters, the termies will probably need to be sculpted from scratch unless I find something suitable to convert and a command squad consisting of 1 commander, 1 Chaplain, 1 apothecary, a standard bearer, and a Veteran Sgt, I may also have a librarian. They will be supported by 2 dreadnoughts from GW and some converted armoured vehicles. 
The overall conversion will consist of converting the helmet (some will be bear headed), adding larger shoulder armour, converting the weapon to a bolter or heavy weapon, re working the back pack, and adding the usual bling (the GW bling is something I don't really like on the 28mm figures e.g. skulls, gems, eagles etc, but in recreating these in 15mm adding them is a must) I don't want these figure to end up slightly resembling space marine, I want there to be no doubt about what they are.
The next thing I need to decide is what chapter I will be doing, I started my own DYI chapter years ago in 28mm the "lamenting Angels" a Blood Angels seeded chapter,  you can see them here
I would like to use the Lamenting Angels but being a 15mm recreation I think I should use a well known Chapter, the most well known being either Blood Angels, Ultra Marines, or Dark Angels, I'm ruling out Dark Angels because the green could get mistaken for just a modern cammo green, I'm leaning towards Blood Angels, but think Ultra Marines would be more recognizable, what do you think. 
Next up I will add ear mounds? to the helmet, and add the shoulder armour.


  1. fun project! yep, they're looking like marines.
    I'd suggest round knee pads too.

    I guess a 'standard chapter' would help key in that they're marines... if so, ultras are probably the better choice- at least to me, I never liked blood angels.. the fire-engine 'look at me and shoot me' red armor is just too much.

    if dark angels would be too close to military green, what about salamanders? a brighter green and a chance for some flame patterns would probably look nice in 15mm

  2. I ordered some to make an Ultramarines squad. I'd also suggest adding some green stuff to shoulder pads.

  3. Cool idea. I never noticed any resemblance to SM until people started talking conversions. Now I see it clearly.


  4. Great idea Dan. Do the Blood Angels-please! No Ultra-morons(most over used Chapter)

  5. That's great work given how small they are. Brilliant.

  6. That's a damn god idea. I'll be following these tutorials with great interest.

  7. Very nice conversion work, Sir! Great use of the imagination.

  8. Very cool! When Khurasan release these I though right away that these would make great Space Marines. Nice that you made beakies too!