Friday, 10 May 2013

WIP 15mm Death Korps of Krieg infantry.

Hi guys, here are my first 15mm Death Korps of Krieg conversions, i have also started on some auto cannons, for this army I will be using various WWI Germans and French, with head swaps from Peter Pig, and these Heer light troops from Trench 2114, these are almost perfect, except they only come in 5 poses, so I don't think I will get anymore, I will convert the rest of the army (which i plan on being quite large) this army will also have Armour, cavalry, artillery, Naval marines, and air support.


  1. Nice work and nice idea Dan.

  2. Nice start Dan, Look forward to seeing these all painted up.

  3. Thanks guys, doing some more conversion work before I start painting.