Monday, 28 July 2014

WIP 15mm WHF Empire Halberdiers

Hi guys, I have been doing a 15mm 40k project for a long time now, but long before I started that project I had considered doing 15mm Warhammer, so having renewed my interest in fantasy, I have decided to push ahead with 15mm WH fantasy, the idea is not to particularly make every thing for WH rules, but to use the WH fluff for my fantasy armies, I have decided to kick off with the Empire.
I am converting some Museum miniatures Landsnacht figures, with a smattering of other lines thrown in, here is my first unit, a 32 man halberdier unit, Landsnacht figure have look look I want, but I don't like their floppy hats with all the feathers for my Empire troops, so I have given them all head swaps, I was wondering what I would use for helmets, and was considering sculpting them with GS, when I remembered I had a heap of WWI French and German heads from my 15mm 40K Imperial guard army, so I have used those, I will add GS to disguise them a little, I have a lot of GS work to do on their bodies, am thinking of doing the army either Blue/red of Altdorf, Black/Yellow of Averland, or Red/Yellow of Talabecland, what do you think?


  1. I can't remember who makes them now, but the old Demonworld line has figures which are basically 15mm GW Empire troops. The rest of their ranges have a very WH vibe

  2. Thanks KK, reaper do them.