Monday, 21 July 2014

15mm Inquisitor gang finished

Hi guys, have finished this gang, not to sure about the skin tone, wanted a cold, futuristic look, but maybe too blue? what do you think? happy with the rest of the painting though, most of the figs are various Khurasan ranges,


  1. Those are really cool!

    Watch it, though. If you keep converting as much stuff as you do, it won't be long before you're sculpting your own figure lines.

  2. Nice free handing on the cape. I like the blue for the inquisitor, I imagine he's pretty old and the biological bits are beginning to fail.

    Not too sure about the acolytes (?). You could choose to make them a bit more human hued, although the continuity in colour does pull the force together.

  3. That looks awesome great job! Skin tone looks fine to me anything goes in the 40K universe makes him look like one of those elite clones they did for the Imperial guard that once.

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  5. Love it :* The boss makes me think of some old Inquisitor-range model, but i like yours more than what I remember.
    About the skin tone - it contrasts nicely with the liveries, so I wouldn't bother that much. I anything, you could try livening it up a bit with light purple/blue glazes. They could add a little colour, while not working against the 'cold' look.
    Gothic make-up could also work :)
    All the best

  6. Absolutely brilliant - you've achieved so much character in these tiny figures. Your work is very inspiring.

    The inquisitor looks suitably imposing as the centrepiece of the force, & they all gel fantastically, whilst each being interesting individually.

  7. thanks guys, and yes, I have thought of doing my own sculpts.