Sunday, 3 May 2015

Help with this uniform colour.

Hi guys, I am after some help from WWII German uniform experts with a uniform colour for my Stalingrad project, what colour shirt is on the soldier on the right in the first pic, middle 2nd, right 3rd, and left 4th, it is very light compared to the others in field grey, and his own pants, which I assume are field grey as well, could it be really faded field grey? or an officer in a tailored shirt of lighter material or is there another general issue uniform that it may be? I thought it may be just really dusty, but his pants would be light as well, any thoughts? I think the bottom picture is the same soldier from a different angle, he is on the left this time, lastly if this is a known uniform or soldier, are there any colour plates or other related photos out there that anyone knows of? Thanks.


  1. Someone on a forum has suggested he may be wearing an undyed cotton fatigue jacket, thoughts?

  2. Given that it has breast pockets and a collar, it isn't a shirt. It may be an undyed jacket as Dan suggests, but it doesn't look quite light enough for that. It may be a Russian tunic?

    1. D'oh! You are Dan! That'll teach me about commenting when I've only just woken up!

  3. Looks like the German Africa Corps tunic, perhaps he transferred in from Italy or some such?

  4. I don't think it's a russian tunic. My guess is that it's tailor-made and that's why it's a different shade. Perhaps it's better quality cloth too, but it could simply be a more plain grey shade than field grey.

    Just a guess though, I don't have any solid info.

  5. I'm going with a faded FG tunic, thanks for your help guys.