Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Plastic Cacadors ready for paint

Hi guys

OK, I think these are ready for paint, Have added moustaches powder horns and re did the plumes since the last pics, I just want to add some lace to the officers cuffs then that will be it, unless any of you can see an area that is wrong or could be better, all c&c welcome, as for colours, I'm not really concerned with what unit I do, I will go for the most interesting colours, the 11th Cacadors sound good, brown uniform with red collar and sky blue cuffs, I will try to paint these dirty and faded.


  1. Marvellous work!! What brand are these minis?

  2. Fantastic, I am not usually a fan of 'plastics' but I really like the life like poses you have obtained with these.

  3. Thanks guys, the grey parts are Perry, the brown are Victrix Brits, the greenish bugle is Victrix French.