Thursday, 20 July 2017

1/72nd Winter FJs for Coc Project part 1

Hi guys

Feeling really frustrated at the moment at my lack of ability to finish any of my many, many stalled projects, so I am going to attempt to finish this long lost winter Fallschirmjager platoon +
They are mostly Italeri tropical FJs, and Caesar winter Germans, I had only just started the conversion process when I stalled, I will be sculpting quilted jackets on the Italei figs (have done a few of their bodies, but need to extend it down the arms) not sure about their pants, we will see, and giving the Caesars head swaps.
Force consist of a Chain of command FJ platoon, with a HMG, mortar, motorbike and sidecar, FO, Panzerknacker, flamer, and sniper options (will add a Stug to the team later)
1 question, of the 4 metal command figures, I only need a senior and junior leader, one of the 2 on the left will be a junior, and one on the right will be a senior, which figure combo do you guys like (obviously I will make any conversions needed to make them FJs)


  1. When I Finally (if ever) get my act together I will be playing CoC western desert. Therefore I will watch your progress avidly. Good luck I really am wishing you well and good luck on the project

  2. I suggest the one on the left holding the maps?, orders?, box of chocolates?, would make a charismatic junior officer.
    The figure on the right showing contempt for the inclement weather by having his jacket open is clearly the type of brave officer to lead the unit.

  3. Yes, the idiot is always in charge, LOL.

  4. I vote for the one asking for directions! :p
    Amazing variety of 1/72 figures. Now you've getting me interested in my own stalled 1/72 WW2 project. :)

  5. Very cool, I have just discovered your blog . I'm doing conversions of cold war US Marines currently. I'm rarely happy with what comes out of the box too. You've inspired me to keep trying to make my work cleaner and better proportioned!