Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Message to my painting customers

Hi all

I haven't posted in a little while, I wanted to let you know this is only due to a PC problem, I'm using my iPad at the moment and am unable to upload pictures to blogger from my iPad, but the painting is proceeding as per normal.
For those that are good with PCs, and may know a fix to the issue, I have windows 10, my PC did an auto update and the wireless internet software had disappeared, I have tried to get it to re appear per some hint/tip videos on YouTube but it seems to be totally gone, I then tried a roll back but that didn't work either, so I got a 10m Ethernet cable, but the internet connection is now dropping in and out at about 5 sec intervals, the cable is brand new, so not sure if it's the cable, the Ethernet port or the whole issue is maybe a virus, I guess my next step is to hire someone to come look at it.



  1. To be honest, I am not a fan of Microsoft anymore. I have a problem with my printer after every update. Maybe it’s Mac time?

  2. Good luck! These things are so tedious, and then the techies will treat you like you’re a num-nuts! GoogleChrome winning fans...if you can get your MSFT products to talk to it...

  3. Yeah, thanks guys, if I could work out how to blog properly from my iPad i. Wouldn't even bother getting it fixed.

  4. Buy the Blog Touch Pro app on your iPad ..... You will never look back. You will be able to manage all of your content from the iPad.

  5. Sounds like your problem is the stability of the internet.
    You should perhaps start by calling your internet supplier/internet company. They can do a diagnostic via (surprie!) the internet. It might just be that the channel you are receiving on is unstable and they need to either reeboot your connection, change you to a different server or you might need a new modem. If they stonewall you then tell them you will consult a different internet supplier for a new wireless solution.
    If your computer lost webaccess halfway through a download it might just have gotten stuck (kind of like a washingmachine stopped midcycle), it might just need a stable internet connection and for you to hold in the ctr+alt+del buttons for 3+ seconds. It should appear a window giving you different options. Go with the "restart" option. If this dors not work, hold the off button in for 10 seconds. If its still dead, then get it some flowers and start looking for a new one. My best advice mate. Good luck!

    1. Thanks, everything else worked fine, I think it mybe the port.

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