Monday, 27 July 2009

1st Bavarian Dragoon regt, Hat/Italeri 1/72 plastics

Hi guys, this is another of the 1/72 Napoleonic vignettes that I have completed, this is the 1st Bavarian Dragoon regt, I used Hats riders 8/10 with Italeri Dragoon horses 8.5/10(which is a good combination) Hats horses aren't as good as Italeri's but the riders a pretty good. I hand painted the Bavarian flag on the base, if I continue on with these vignettes will print them in future, I'm pretty happy with how this whole vignette turned out.


  1. Hi Dan
    They look great.
    That reminds me, if you've not already started them, can you paint my Bavarian AB's Chevalegers as Dragoons?

  2. Nice work there, I especially like your white, quite vibrant.