Sunday 12 July 2009

Pick the faults

Hi guys, this is an old dio I did about 6 years ago, I had a working knowledge of WWII but thankfully my knowledge and skill is a lot better now, this is a scene where a PzIII L has thrown a track and a 251 has stopped on their way past to cover and pick up the crew. There are some faults both historical and artistically, bragging rights for whomever can name them and the models/figures used.


  1. Hi Dan
    Let me see. Could one mistake be the P'Shrek in the 251? To early in the war for a Panzershrek I suspect.

  2. Hi Scott, actually not sure of the date of the Pz shreks intro, but this is set around 43, the German infantry changed from grey pants to green/grey in 1940 and the hatches on the pzIII shouldn't be white.