Saturday, 25 July 2009

15mm Napoleonic 1st Bavarian infantry regt 15mm AB/Fantassin: Scotts commision

Hi guys, this is the 1st Bavarian infantry regt made with 15mm AB and Fantassin figures, this is an interesting comparison, I have a few Fantissin figures now for Scott's and my Bavarians (I have a Bavarian army waiting to be painted and based) and my Peninsula Brits, as usual the AB figures are great but these had a little flash 8.5/10, the fantassins fit in nicely size wise with the AB, and the overall look is pretty good, they are not quite as good in some areas like the faces, I really like the command figures, they add some variety when added with ABs, they had a bit of flash and chunky bits that needed trimming, I suspect due to worn molds, they are also pewter figures, I prefer soft metal 7.5/10, the first 4 command figures and the last 4 grenadier figures in the first photo are fantissin the rest are AB


  1. Hi Dan
    They look great. The Fantassin figs do blend well with AB, but they are still not quite as good, (close though). I have Fantassins in my French, Russian, Brit and Spanish Armies, (and now Bavarian). I particularly like the Fantasin French "Marie Louise" 1814 figures.

  2. Nice figures. Thanks for the link, I have reciprocated.