Thursday, 9 July 2009

HaT 1/72 Swedish Napoleonic line infantry

Hi guys, I have a habit of starting huge projects that eventually falter and get dropped for newer more exciting ideas, this is part of one such project, I really wanted to make a miniature museum of Napoleonic uniforms, I first thought of using 54mm figures, and whilst they can be beautiful they are also expensive, I then had the idea of creating little dio's 6-8 men for foot or 4 men for mounted in 1/72 plastics, they are cheap and easily converted I wanted to depict as many different uniforms as possible, so to this end I started buying 1/72 Napoleonics, several years and many 1000s of figures later I have about 1/2 a dozen of these dio bases made, and have no idea if I will get any more done. This one depicts a Swedish line infantry Regt in 1813, the figures are from HaT, I would say they are at the poorer end of Hat's quality, and the plastic is horrible, a very smooth soft plastic that doesn't take paint well even for soft plastic, uniforms look accurate though, I'd give these 5.5/10 I have converted all of these figs in some way, head swaps, added slings and bayonets to muskets, arm and body swaps. I haven't added the flag yet.

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