Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Matchbox's 1/76 Sherman firefly VC

Hi guys, this is another one of my older kits, Matchbox's 1/76 Sherman firefly, made before Dragon came out with their excellent Firefly's, I had kept this kits since I was a kid, it was built and had a crappy paint job, shoved in a box until I took up modelling seriously, since I had originally glued it together with superglue it was easy (well sort off) to disassemble it and re build/paint it, had to add a lot of details to make it into a half decent kit, cammo net is gauze bandage and white glue. I wouldn't bother to use Matchbox's kit again, I would go straight to Dragons kit (have a couple in my stash already). Th Firefly is my favourite Allied tank, followed by the Churchill and Cromwell. For those who care I would only give the original kit a 6/10 but with care it can be made into a nice little model, pitty its 1/76 not 1/72.