Friday, 2 September 2011

WIP Colonist vehicle 2

Hi guys, have added some mesh screens, I will make the dozer blade detachable, what colour should I paint it? it will be a Weyland - Yutani Corp colonist vehicle, and will paint that logo on the side, I'm thinking white for the vehicle, because it will look great when I do the weathering and wear n tear, and I have some nice black/yellow industrial strip decals I can put on it.
The 3 figures will be the colonist crew, in corp uniform, these are Matt's (AKA Malleman) great crew figures, I bought 2 packs and 2 spare heads and recommend them highly 9/10


  1. Hi Dan

    Great work on the vehicle looks like a good size for 15mm.

    BTW do you have a link to Matt Malleman figures as they are great looking figures.

    Cheers Matt

  2. Love it. Picked up the same toy a while back, hope mine turns out as well as yours.

  3. I'd go with a light gray instead of white. Still should provide a nice base for your weathering effects. I think the gray would have a more industrial feel, instead of white which reminds me of commercial pickup trucks or cargo vans.

  4. Hi Guys, from the comments on TMP the most voted for colours are yellow or desert yellow, so I will go with one of these.
    Comstar - the figs can be found here