Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Initiate containment protocol

Hi guys, these are Khurasans lovely "Initiate containment protocol" figures, I have painted the female in scientist yellow and the soldiers in a more military scheme, these figures are great, the proportions are good, the poses are suitable, and the detail is nice, interestingly there is a left handed soldier, or he may be patrolling cacky handed, there are 4 with M4s (one with a geiger counter) an officer type with a pistol, a flame thrower and a scientist, I'd give these a solid 9/10


  1. Nice work. HazMat suites always look slightly sinister. Love your bases.

  2. They look nice. I must resist 15mm SF though! :)

  3. I like the contrast. Implies a good scenario...
    "I'm here to help, but these guys are here to blow you away if you're contagious."