Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Tomorrows War thumb through review

Hi guys, I arrived home to a package today, a bright shiny copy of Tomorrows War, blog followers have seen a few reviews of these rules over the last couple of weeks, so I hope to do something different, I intend to do a review from a solo gamers point of view as well as the normal multiplayer view, however before I can do that I will need to read the rules. Today I will give a brief thumb through review , and will answer the question, would I buy this book off the shelf on first impressions?
Before I start, full disclosure, I was asked if I would like to review these rules, and obviously agreed, however my review will be truthful as I see it, I have no links to Osprey publishing.
Publisher : Osprey Publishing, Ambush alley games
Pages : Hard covered, 260
The first thing I do when picking up a book like this, is thumb through the pages, and this is a very professionally produced product, thick nicely printed pages, hard covered, and nicely laid out, these designs on the borders of the pages give it a nice scifi feel, what really caught my eye was the pictures, its packed full of photos of various well known ranges of 15mm painted minis (and 28mm) and has a good spattering of really nice scifi artwork of vehicles and troopers, I am already seeing the potential of using some of these pictures as painting/modelling references.
On closer inspection, there is a comprehensive contents page, which seems to be laid out logically, there is some back ground fluff (which I am yet to read) the rules, and a campaign system, and much more. I can't see any specific solo gaming rules on the contents pages, but that does not mean it can't be played solo with some tweaking.
So would I buy these rules of the shelf after just a thumb through? Yes, at $30-35 US I think this looks like a good valued product, but will it produce a fun game? only time will tell, next review will be after a complete read and an attempt to play solo, the third review will be after a multiplayer game.

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  1. Hey Dan, Just got my copy of Tomorrow's War yesterday. I agree with you-at first sight it looks great. I use Force On Force, so the game mechanics are similar as you know. Looking forward to trying them out!