Sunday, 23 October 2011

WIP 15mm Crusties

Hi guys, the next 15mm scifi project will be Crusties, I have 2 of the large EM4 walkers that I will convert for crusty use, 4 small GZG crusty walkers 12 power armor and about 40 crusty infantry, I'm thinking of doing these in orange armor with white markings and brown crusty skin. Have to find suitable arms in the bits box for the EM4 mechs.


  1. Dan, since I also have a huge lot of Crusties and no idea of color scheme I'll follow closely your project.

  2. Looking forward to this. I got the PA and the mini walkers in my last order, but need to get more basic troops again (I sold mine to Gruntz) I saw a really cool paint scheme that did them like they were in body suits with different colored heads and hands, but I can't remember where.