Wednesday, 1 February 2012

15mm Mordheim style war bands projects

Hi guys, a preview of my next project, some 15 mm Mordheim style war bands, I am finding my concentration challanged painting big forces, so I decided small groups is the way to go, I plan on doing a few of these, but here are the first 4, Norse, Chaos Circus freaks, Bretonnian, and undead, most of the figures will be converted, and some may be replaced or more figs added, we will see.
The first group will be the Norse, just need to find a nice Wulfen figure, I will probably use Splintered light werewolves, I will heavily convert the marauders, (5 figs on lower right) they are celts at the moment, I plan to change the shields to a round version, add fur caps, helmets, and give them axes, the Jarl, 2 Huscarls, Shaman and snow troll are all from copplestone castings, I will only do minor conversions (if any) to these superb figs, the wolves are from Black Raven foundry, and will not be converted.
The Bretonnians will require a bit of work, I'm not sure were the bowmen are from but they are rather nice and will stay in the group, the 3 knights are from Museum Miniatures (I think), I may replace these, they are slightly smaller then the bowman, I may just build up their bases, not sure, if I keep them they will need, head changes or at least head crests added, and the surcoat lengthened. The men at arms are from Essex and suffer from their usual dwarfism, I'm sure I will replace these, which is a pity, they are not bad poses, I will need 3 squires to round this group off, I will discuss the other groups later.

Not a group, but i got this lovely Khurasan giant ape for my 15mm fantasy collection, he's a beauty, more on him later.


  1. Very fun! I do love 15mm and have been on the fence about starting a 15mm project for a long time.. skirmish, big army element bases.. I don't know yet. Looking forward to seeing what you do with these! Love the Khurasan Ape!

  2. I have to admit that I have very little knowledge when it comes to 15mm, but the sculpting on these looks amazing; can't wait to see them painted.

  3. Loking forward to seeing how these guys turn out.

  4. Those are nice warbands, and judging by your excellent work on the Hill Giant, I know we can expect to see some beautiful conversions.

  5. And so it begins. The 15mm Mordheim madness is slowly spreading…