Friday, 10 February 2012

WIP 15mm Empire War band ready for paint

Hi guys, the Empire War Band ready to paint, I have decided to touch up and improve the current paint job, rather then a full repaint, I wanted them to look more like they are ready for war then party, so swapped some of the flowery hats for helmets and leather caps, shortened the pikes to spears, added some armor and shields, the big guys is an old GW Chaos Marauder that I will use as an Empire Ogre, (any ideas on how to make him look more like an Ogre?) I will give all the chips and green stuff a black enamel undercoat, then paint them up.


  1. Beautiful job on these. I was wondering about the pikes. I couldn't remember any rules for them in Mordheim. I like your other changes, also. I think the Ogre looks fine as he is, very "Ogery" already.

  2. Looks great. With that over-sized head of his, he looks ogrish enough already!