Thursday, 16 February 2012

WIP 15mm Mechs

Hi guys, a troop of Mechs being prepped for undercoating, I'm thinking of using a grey urban commo pattern, I recieved them in a swap, not sure who made these, I was told but have forgotten, anyone know? The heavy shotgun is a conversion, I'm not sure if I should use the rotor blade things or leave them off, what do you think? Thinking of using them as Mechs for sci fi Russians or Chinese.


  1. Those boys are huge! I'd guess old RAFM or Mekton figs maybe?

  2. I like the rotor blades. I'd keep them.

  3. I like them. They should be a good size for 15mm, whatever the original scale of the mecha. What rules are you going to play for mecha gaming?

  4. Hi LJ - yeah I'm thinking of keeping the blades, only issue is I'm missing a couple of backpacks that the rotors attach to, so will have to come up with a fix.
    Hi Chis - not sure, any rules would have to be solo, any suggestions?

  5. Dan try tommorow's war, the solo play works well