Saturday, 20 July 2013

Update on 15mm DKoK armour.

Hi guys
The first batch of DKoK armour is getting close to the painting stage, I decided to base them, I like making little vignettes, so added some supporting grunts, advancing under cover of the tanks, the last 3pics show the design for my Chimeras, I will build up the hull slightly under the turret so it is horizontal, i have added a mantlet to the assault gun, still debating the colour scheme for these, I'm now thinking blue grey, or field grey, I want a plain single colour because i plan to go the whole hog with weathering, and single colour will bring out the effects, the infantry are yet to be converted, all ideas and comments welcome.


  1. I think a light bluegrey will look nice and take weathering well.

  2. Shaping up very nicely indeed. hmmm bluegrey seems like a good choice to me.

  3. Hi my friendm i post that here only because i'm afraid tha if i post the link on the page of Krieg cavalery you coulden't note

    if you need more cavalery, mabe this could be usefull

    :-D the way.... as usual Excellent job!!!!

  4. Thanks guys, I will go with blue grey, and thanks for the tip Me.