Monday, 6 April 2015

20mm Early war Germans finished

Hi guys

I have finished the tanks for an early war German commission, (the infantry can be seen here) 1 X Pz I, 2 X Pz II, 1 X Pz III, 1 Pz IV, and a P.a.k they are all plastic quick builds (S model I think) except the Pz III which is metal, not sure what company though, the detail on these is excellent for quick build wargaming models, they came to me built, I just did the painting and weathering, all C&C welcome

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  1. Very very nice! I really like the weathering!

  2. They look superb Dan. Exactly the look I was after, I love the weathering and particularly the rain streak effect. Exceptional

  3. Those are lovely Dan, You paint a lovely vehicle!

  4. Great work, you have made them pop even though they are painted only one colour

  5. Looking great! Maybe you should weather the decals a bit too?