Sunday, 26 April 2015

WIP Stalingrad Project part 3, the stars have arrived

Hi Guys

Anyone would be justified in thinking my Stalingrad project was a German one, although I will do my best on them, I have a few German forces planned so the Germans are really only an OPFOR, the Stars of this project will be Russian Marines, who I will only ever do once.
I ordered a pack of Pegasus Russian Naval Infantry and will bulk out the force with converted regular Russian infantry, the Pegasus figures are OK, but they are incorrectly depicted in unbloused square rig, the square rig was less common than the pea jacket in land operations, and the shirt is always tucked into the trousers, also the details like ammo pouches are a bit small and to fine or missing, so the conversions I will be doing are
1) Will head swap a few helmets in
2) Will convert at least half the troops to pea jackets
3) Any in square rig will have their shirts tucked in
4) will re do the ammo pouches etc
5) will add ammo bandoliers (cross belts)
6) Will untuck some of their trousers from their boots


  1. Great stuff Dan. That first bloke looks like a genuinely happy guy!

  2. Excellent. Dont forget about Zvezda small set, even if expensive...