Saturday, 18 April 2015

WIP Stalingrad project part 2

Hi guys

These updates may be slow due to limited personal hobby time, have finished and based the MG34 conversions with the Airfix barrels, I like the open bipod on the standing "over the shoulder" MG34 guy, he looks ready for immediate deployment, I also found the sand coloured Italeri MG34 guy in my stash, couldn't resist adding him to the team, even though he is a tad taller, he is a nice figure. the bottom picture is my scratch built 5cm mortar, will convert the 2 figs for the crew.
4 of my 5 MG34s

my prone squad

trying for that tractor factory look

some more troops based

scratch built 5cm mortar, will convert these 2 for the crew


  1. Nicely done Dan,
    I enjoy seeing your conversions.

    I noticed you had links to missing Lynx and on the way on your blog. I used to spend a lot of time over there many years ago when building braillscale armour. Was nice to see I still have a few kits at the on theway gallery a Cromwell and Centaur. Nice memories!

  2. Hi Paul, yes I am a Braillscaler from way back.

  3. So we have pretty parallel hobby lines Dan, unfortunately I lot the kit building bug despite collecting a few hundred plastic and resin braillscale kits (it became a bit of an obsession). I've been slimming down the stock pile over the past few years. my job/life doesn't give me the time to build kits so much now. Still like to see them built and painted well.

  4. similar story, I have around 300 (a guess) unbuilt kits, 4 large packing boxes full, and probably enough to fill a 5th.