Friday, 15 January 2016

15mm British Paratroopers and Cromwells

Hi guys

A 15mm Brit Para group finished on commission, a little bit of a dig at Battlefront Miniatures here, even though ordered direct from BF this customer had to wait months for these figs, and even then didn't receive all his order, the Mortar teams are apparently "out of stock" so I raided my stash for a Command decision regular army mortar team and gave them some para heads, they turned out OK, BF minis and vehicles are nice, but get your act together BF, all C&C welcome.


  1. Nice looking minis. He's bound to be happy. Those Cromwells look good in 15mm.

  2. They look great. I have a whole company of Cromwells sat waiting for paint...

    BF apparently didn't expect their Xmas sale to be so popular and so in famous style were sorely underprepared for the amount of orders it would generate. I have a mate who's wife ordered all his presents for Xmas through the sale and she still hasn't received them!

  3. Lovely mud work on the vehicles