Tuesday, 2 August 2016

15mm colonial marines heavy weapons and trikes based

Hi guys

A while ago I made this small 15mm Colonial marine sci fi force which I later sold off, the new owner has commissioned me to expand the army, I will be doing so in parts, this next part will be the heavy weapons and trikes, I don't usually post WIP shots of commission, but I have an affinity with 15mm sci fi and this force in particular as the original was a labour of love.
I had an extra stand when I cut these so thought I would add an objective marker, I had this cool little birthday candle holder that I had seen something in, and had thrown it in my parts box, I think it will paint up nice as a drop beacon.
The trike riders are just sitting lose, thinking of doing a couple of conversions on those, head and upper body swaps, and the sixby has a gunner that needs to be attached to the rear.
More pics of the original force and its parts at this thread


  1. Very good so far can't wait to see the finished product!

  2. Cool, what figures are you using for the infantry?