Tuesday, 27 December 2016

15mm Bavarians finished

Merry Christmas Guys

Pics of my finished 15mm Bavarian commission, I'm very happy to have done these, I had planned on making these for myself, but would never have had the time to get around to it, so was chuffed when my friend wanted just this army, firstly the sun is very hot and bright here in eastern Australia today, so the pictures aren't the best, the figures look much better in the hand, the figures are AB, theres a fare few conversions, the Grenadier battalion are all head swaps, the skirmishers are mostly French converted to Bavarians for variety, the command is mostly converted from Austrians and the Limber is converted Austrian, flags are from fighting 15s, I'm pretty happy with how these turned out, I will get the customer to take pictures of them ones they are based, all comments welcome.


  1. Awsome work Dan!!! The conversions turned out really great! The light infantry firing line is going to look very dramatic and lifelike. This is truly a one-of-a- kind collection piece now;)

  2. Absolutely cracking effort sir. Love those. I really like the 'dusty' effect on things like the sappers' aprons. How do you do that?

    If I could wish for just one thing, it is that the white edges of the paper flags were disguised in some way. The whole work is so good, it's the one thing that stands out.