Wednesday, 7 December 2016

15mm Bavarian army

Hi guys

Have started a commission to make a 15mm Bavarian army, it is a collector piece rather than gaming army, so will contain units that historically wouldn't have been fielded together, e.g. Dragoons and Chevaux Legers, to get them as accurate and as diverse as possible I am doing a fair amount of converting, and thought I would share some pics of the WIP conversions, some of these are
1) making a Grenadier battalion with head swaps (not pictured)
2) converting late war French skirmishers to Bavarians (for diversity)
3) adding sashes to the Chevaux Legers to make them into Dragoons
4) Making a command stand from various figures
I pinched some ideas off Paul Alba's incredible Bavarians, hope they turn out half as good as his.

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