Friday, 6 January 2017

1/72 Hafling army

Hi guys

Firstly these will be converted, repainted and based, please read on.

So I succumbed to the long fought off temptation to start a 1/72 Fantasy project, I need another project like a hole in the head (I have 28mm Fantasy and a very large 15mm Fantasy collection already) but I just love converting, and the conversion possibilities in the 1/72 plastic ranges are just to good to pass up.
Having limited funds, I will keep this project limited to small skirmish sized forces, so to start with I have ordered 3 boxes of Dark Alliance figs, (modern Amazon infantry, Cimmurian infantry and half orc infantry) 1 Caesar minis adventurers box, and a Caesar Greek hoplites box (I will do a separate post as to why hoplites later)
While waiting for these to arrive I went searching for figs I already own that could be pressganged into this project, and found some perfect halflings, these are 15mm Essex medieval figures, they are already sculpted a little chubby, so will work well, I will add some green stuff details (pot bellies, maybe bare feet if I have the skill) then re paint them, thinking of a green/yellow scheme, not sure how I should base these, I'm thinking that I would like to do this project with individual bases, but that I may do the halflings 4 to a base, with some characters individually based, the plastic German is there for scale, all thoughts/comments welcome.


  1. That's brilliant. If you had just posted the pic I'd have thought hmm nice looking medieval figures. But after you called them halflings I could fully see them as halflings! Nice work!

  2. Thanks, I will be doing a bit of work to them though.